Summer Program

We will be offering our summer program in person as well as online this summer. 

If you are interested in getting to know us and trying us out, summer program is a great way to get a feel for who we are and what we do!  This summer's session will be centered around Greek Mythology. Each summer, we focus on a different theme to tie our lessons together. This summer, we will be focusing on the concept of consequence and how our choices can potentially change our future. 


Both online and in person classes will meet on Monday's and Wednesday's.  Online classes will be via Zoom from 10:00-11:00. Links and materials needed will be sent via e-mail. The class includes a story, discussion and fun printable activities related to the story. We will do brain integrating activities as time allows. In person classes this summer will be from 10:00-1:00.  They will include story and discussion time, story related activities and games, lunch and playtime. Commitment is monthly based and the class dates are listed below. 




7th and 9th

14th and 16th

21st and 23rd



5th and 7th

12th and 14th

19th and 21st



2nd and 4th

9th and 11th

16th and 18th


Class fees are due on the first of each month and are paid via Stripe.  Online classes are $100 a month.  This class was created for ages 4-8 and will require a printer for activities that we will do together during class. If the class fills up, we will open up an additional section from 11:00-12:00 to keep classes small and engaging.  In person classes are $300 a month and children will bring a sack lunch to eat after first set of activities. These classes fill up quickly and are lots of fun! Please let us know as soon as possible if your child is interested in attending and which months you are interested in. The H.U.B. looks forward to spending the summer with you!




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