Primary Class (1st-4th):

This class is appropriate for the 6-10 age group or by special permission for other ages. We will meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 10:00-1:00. We will be focusing on memory (which is the basis of all learning), brain and body integration for optimal learning and self regulation, basic reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, math, science, Spanish and American history.  We have a lot to cover in these days and will send home helpful supplemental activities to support the concepts introduced to be worked on when we are apart.  A parent or caregiver is required to stay for the duration of the class and will help run a learning station under our guidance.  The class is $300 per month per child and is paid on the first of each month.  Feel free to contact us about current openings.


Pre-K/Kinder Class (4-6 year olds):

This class is for the 4-6 year old age group or by special permission for other ages.  We will meet congruently with the primary class and will do some parts together in Montessori fashion and then will break up into smaller groups for age appropriate activities and direction.  This class focuses on building memory, learning letters and sounds, social skills, correct letter formation for printing, calendar, addition and subtraction, skip counting, fine and gross motor and emotional regulation. Parents attend the class with their kiddos and will be given tools to help with success in our program as well as at home. The class is $300 per child and is paid on the first of each month.