Additional Support

One on One Time  Online or In Person

$70 for 1 hour


Do you need an expert to bounce ideas off of? Curriculum recommendations specific for your child's needs? Exercises for calming tantrums or increasing concentration? Academic tutoring for your child?  This is one on one time specifically for you.  

Comprehensive Testing


Could you and your child benefit from knowing their unique gifts and learning style? Does your child absorb information in a different style than you making teaching a challenge? This comprehensive 4 hour test gives parents lots of great information to give you insight into helping your child learn as efficiently as possible. $550

Cranial Sacral or Lymphatic Drainage

$75 for 1 hour

We used to think that once a babies soft spot was fused, that the plates in the skull could not be moved.  We now know that they have "knee caps" that can get stuck and stop the fluid from moving as easily as it should.  Cranial sacral therapy helps move the fluid around the skull.  This is an excellent therapy for children prone to ear infections or anxiety.  Lymphatic drainage removes toxins and moves fluids throughout the entire body.